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Tanking Evaluation with Warcraft Logs – Prelude

I don’t know, nor do I give any fucks how many parts there will be in this series. I can surmise there will be more than 1 and less than 63. Kapeesh?

I do know I will be covering Prot Warrior and Brewmaster’s, as I am inclined to help people, specifically people that I have to heal. However, I am not inclined to let all of the effort I spend on someone not named Knuttgaard go without benefiting me somehow. Thus, we have a blog post, or a series of posts.


I see the question forming in that brain of yours, and it is something to this affect, “Who the hell are you to give critiques of tank performance. You’re a healer, idiot.” First, do you have a couch? Then go fuck it, as my friend would say, who has also graciously allowed me to abuse his ego for this series.

Second, my very first character was….a Tank. Yes, I used to be a tank, a warrior tank, in fact. I tanked progression raids from Kara in Burning Crusade up until Trial of the Grand Crusader in Wrath until work took me away from a consistent raiding schedule for a period. As tanks should be the most consistent raider in attendance, I stepped down after 3 years of main tanking.

I started my raiding carrier as a tank in the ASS (Azjol Secret Service). It was a startup guild, and the leadership there taught me the ins and outs of raiding and tanking. I am completely beholden to them for teaching me the ropes as they were seasoned raiders across multiple MMO’s. My time tanking in the ASS got me a gig tanking with one of the top Horde guilds on the server where we progressed into Sunwell.

Third, I analyze data at my day job as a Geologist at R&D for an oil company where I am surrounded by a bunch of badass people 17 times smarter than myself. So, making sense of squiggly lines, numbers, plots, and graphs combined with maths to explain when shit goes wrong and when shit goes right to both smart and dumb people happens to be my forte.


We have to get used to some new terms/metrics. We are all familiar with DPS (Damage per Second) and HPS (Healing per Second). There are also tanking metrics. Let see, we have Healing Required per Second (HReq/S), which really means External Healing Required. In layman terms, it is how much healing your Holy pally has to pump into your sorry ass. Ask Mr. Robot logs uses this metric.

For several years there has been the Theck-Meloree Index (TMI), created and named for 2 prominent Prot Paladin theorycrafters. TMI basically quantifies a tank’s ability to lessen damage spikes, which was a big deal up until Warlords.

I encourage you to do a quick google if you want more information. You get all the info you could want, especially from Theck, that guy is a beast.

Warcraft Logs used a version of TMI, Effective TMI (ETMI) for a long time. However, with the new health pool to damage ratio, it had some limitations when trying to directly compare different classes together, which is what we all care about really. Whose number is better.

So, the person behind Warcraft Logs, Kihra, tried to fix that with a new metric, KRSI (Kihra’s Resolve-Weighted Survivability Index). It is some pretty complex shit and continually being iterated upon. BUT, it is a number, and a number that we want/need to look at to evaluate our penises, because we are WoW players for fucks sake.

Tank Rankings:

The KRSI is easy enough to find. Open a a log on Warcraft logs and browse to a boss kill as indicated by the big fucking red box in the below image. Make sure it is a KILL, it doesn’t work on a wipe. Then click the ‘Rankings’ tab on the right as indicated but the other big fucking red box.

logs 1So, you will be brought to a screen like the below which will display penis numbers for tanking, dps, and healing. The names have been hid to protect the innocent. Anyone with a name showing is either not innocent or agreed to have their name shown.

log 2
*Hint…click the image to make it bigger.*

All kinds of cool shit can be gleamed from this tab. But what we are concerned with right now is the Tank Rankings segment.

log 3

The KRSI is located to the right of the tank’s name. If we can justify putting faith in the KRSI rating, which we can, the lower your number the better the tank performed, in simplest terms. As you can see, our tanks did not do so hot. When I was in high school, failing was anything below 70%. The Monk scored a 45%. 2,680 other monk tanks that killed normal High Council did better than him. The ilvl bracket where he has a grade of 56% is a better metric for actual evaluation because gear does matter, but he still failed high school.

The Warrior did even worse, BUT we are in the process of fixing that shit and is the reason this blog series was born. I am grateful he is letting me help him out and even more so for me hanging his dirty laundry on the Internet. We are going to get both these guys over 85%. That is my goal. 75% to 85% is a C grade, average and unacceptable. I want these guys performing at the B+ level, but will settle for a B regardless.

FYI, Wompdonkey is the monk tank. He switched to a Brewmaster when they were overpowered with LOLStagger/HAHAPurify in BRF. I wouldn’t let him switch back to warrior for HFC after the nerfs. He was a really good warrior tank, but he is going to learn how to be a monk now, DAMN IT.


Link Love:

Kirha’s twitter: Drop in an tell him/her thanks for all the effort she has done to make you better.

Theck’s blog: I don’t recommend talking to him. He is way smarter than you, You will embarrass yourself.

And of course Warcraft logs: Which, you can support with real money.