What it is…

Strangely enough, Womp and I “technically” started this site at the beginning of the year. Meaning we paid for it, set it up, wrote a couple of articles, got a for real editor, and then did 2 things. Jack and Shit.

However, things are different now!

What might you ponder is different?

Would you guess a completely irresponsible, drunken, emotional, reckless offer in response to a text message? We offered this site to house forums for our guild. Incredulity!

So, now that we are forced to exonerate ourselves from our apparent apathy, sigh, you might just start to see the full extent of our mediocrity with content such as the following:

  • Group Text Tuesday, wherein I post the random asshole behavior from a group text with all my wow buddies. Names changed to protect the innocent. Not many are changed…
  • Random Ass Videos, wherein Womp makes Random Ass videos of Random Ass WoW things at Random Ass times.
  • At least 1 post a week about something somewhat meaningful in regards to WoW.
  • Other TBD shit….

You are officially notified.

The content on this domain is crude even by Neanderthal standards and should not be viewed by children under 18 or really anyone with an average IQ higher than 2. The articles and views expressed here do not necessarily represent Wompdonkey and Knuttgaard’s stance on “The Issues”, whatever they currently may be. Though dumb shit often flies from our own mouths, we absolutely may not agree with it, and reserve the right to say so in any given spacetime. Thank you!